Best Dj Laptop Stand

Laptops are one of the key components of a DJ’s set up when they’re performing, they allow them to access their library and also work from software to perform to their audience whilst also mixing and keeping your audience happy at the same time.

It can be difficult trying to do everything at once as a DJ, you’ve got so many things to focus on all spread out across your setup that it can become exhausting.

Not only this but you may also find that your back is killing you at the end of a gig due to hunching over a table or laptop all night when you’re performing.

One solution to these two common problems is a DJ laptop stand.

It’ll allow you to work in a comfortable and more ergonomic position whilst you’re working on your laptop during a DJ performance but it’ll also free up some space on your workstation, allowing you to put your mixer or controller underneath so you don’t have to reach as far for all your equipment when working. 

If a DJ laptop stand sounds like something that could fix your sore back and also make your DJing more efficient, then you’ll want to keep reading to check out our best DJ laptop stands.

Best Dj Laptop Stand Product Reviews


SOUNDANCE Laptop Stand, Aluminum Computer Riser, Ergonomic Laptops Elevator for Desk, Metal Holder Compatible with 10 to 15.6 Inches Notebook Computer, Silver

Our top pick for the best DJ laptop stand is this Soundance model that is very popular with both amateur and professional DJs due to being budget-friendly but made of durable and sturdy thick aluminum alloy. 

It’s suitable for any laptop that is 10 to 15.6 inches so will be great for DJs with small notebook laptops or even larger laptops.

It’s designed with only two holder hands instead of a whole flat surface to enable the heat from your laptop to ventilate and prevent it from overheating during demanding sessions. 

The holder hands on the stand are implemented with rubber material to ensure your laptop stays on the stand and rubber feet on the bottom of the stand to prevent the stand from slipping off your work surfaces.

This is super handy for DJs who have a lot of equipment and will work from them simultaneously, often accidentally knocking or nudging things when they’re reaching. 

The stand is easily detachable within 3 parts and can be assembled with no tools at all making portability more efficient. 

The design elevates your laptop by 6 inches to be more level with your eyes to prevent you from hunching over your laptop as you’re working.

There are cable holes constructed into the design to make keeping your workstation tidier a lot easier and the space underneath the holding hands is large enough to put a controller to make your workspace more space-efficient. 


  • Ergonomic design - Prevents you from hunching over the laptop when working
  • Suitable for different-sized laptops - Will be able to use for a long time
  • Easily detachable - Makes portability more efficient 


  • Not adjustable - May not be ideal for all heights


Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand - Standing Table with Foldable Height and Secondary Accessory Tray for iPad, Tablet, DJ Mixer, Workstation, Gaming and Home Use with Bag - PLPTS35

This Pyle folding laptop stand is versatile enough to be used by both amateur and pro DJs regardless of if you work from a laptop, turntable, or even an iPad.

The height on this laptop stand is fully adjustable allowing you to adjust to an ergonomic position that is perfectly catered to your height and posture to prevent bad backs. 

The stand is made with anti-slip legs to keep the unit secure on your work desk and has no loose parts that could lead to accidental slips or knocks.

The Pyle folding laptop even comes with a secondary accessory tray that can hold various small items such as a hard drive, sound card, or small mixer to make your DJ station more space-efficient and prevent you from reaching all over the table when working. 

This DJ laptop stand only weighs 3.3lbs and is foldable into a compact design that can fit into a bag to make portability more convenient.

However, despite being so lightweight, the design is made up of heavy-duty materials that have been perfectly engineered to make this unit sturdy and durable no matter how many times you use it.

The Pyle laptop stand comes inclusive of a carrying bag to make it easier to transport to and from your DJ gigs. 


  • Free bag included - Makes it easier to carry the stand
  • Anti-slip legs - Will stay firmly secure on your workstation
  • Adjustable height - Can create the right ergonomic position for you


  • Very large laptops may not feel as secure -  Opening lid unbalances stand


YoFeW Adjustable Laptop Stand, Aluminum Laptop Riser, Multi-Angle Height Adjustable 360°Rotation Computer Stand Desktop Holder Compatible with Mac MacBook Pro Air, Lenovo, Dell XPS, HP(10-17'),Gray

For any DJs that are looking for a sleek and smart laptop stand to make them look super professional when performing to an audience, then this YoFeW laptop will be right up their street. It’s compatible with laptops from 10 inches up to 17 inches.

The YoFew aluminum laptop riser has an adjustable height which is easy to control by pressing the knob on the right-hand side with one hand and then adjusting the height with your other hand on the left-hand side to one that fits you ergonomically. 

The minimum height is 5.3 inches and the maximum height is 7.3 inches, so you’ll need to decide if these laptop heights would be suitable for your height and DJ positioning

It also has a 360-degree adjustable view that can be rotated easily making it great if you happen to be DJing with a colleague on stage. You can even adjust the viewing angle to lean the laptop more towards you or to have it flat on the surface depending on how you prefer to work. 

The laptop riser has an anti-slip topper and anti-slip cushions on the design to keep your laptop securely in place when you’re working. 


  • Sleek design - Looks professional when you’re performing
  • 360-degree viewing adjustability - Makes it easier when DJing with others
  • Versatile compatibility - Will most, if not all laptops that you have


  • Does wobble when the lid is fully extended - Happens most with larger laptops


Ergonomic Laptop Stand For Desk, Adjustable Height Up To 20', Laptop Riser Portable Computer, Laptop Stands, Fits All MacBook, Laptops 10 15 17 Inches, Pulpit Laptop Holder Desk Stand

This Lifelong laptop stand offers good versatility in how and where you can use this unit, with many different positions that will allow you to use it sitting down, standing, or even matching with your eye level to make working more efficient everywhere you go.

The stand is compatible with all laptops that size from 10 to 17 inches including a MacBook Air and Pro so even if you do switch up your laptops during your DJing career your laptop should still be compatible with your new one.

The Upryze laptop from Lifelong is easily adjustable in regards to the height and angle and requires no tools to secure it into the position that you want each time.

The stand is also designed with heat dissipation in mind, as it has a hole in the laptop holding hands where the laptop fans usually are to ensure the laptop doesn’t overheat even when you’re carrying out demanding tasks on there. 

The design can be folded into a more compact unit which makes it easy and convenient to take in your bag with you when you’re traveling.

Despite being great to transport, the design is strong enough to hold heavy laptops without the design wobbly, meaning your laptop’s security is not compromised. 


  • Hole in design - Provides good heat dissipation
  • Adjustable height and angle - Can create an ergonomic position wherever you are
  • Foldable into compact design - Can easily be carried in a bag


  • Anti-slip rubber is on far edges - Smaller laptops may slip when the angle is back 


CRANE Stand Plus DJ Stand for Laptops, Tablets and Controllers with Nylon Carry Bag, Graphite Grey

Our best premium choice is the Crane DJ stand and is best suited for professional DJs who travel around every day for the job and will need something that will be able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with moving about a lot.

This model doesn’t specify what laptops are best compatible with it, but we’ve used it with a 17-inch model and it’s worked just fine, but anything more (which is rare) would be too much for the stand.

The stand is highly adjustable and comes with cam-locking levers and a tensioning knob to help you find the desired position and angle for your laptop that suits your height and working preference. 

You’ll need to ensure you take care when tightening the knobs and check it’s secure before you place your laptop on as it’s quite easy not to tighten them enough, we learned the hard way!

The stand comes with a thick backing pole that will keep your laptops firmly secured even when you’ve got the laptop lid fully extended to see what you’re doing. 

The Crane stand comes inclusive of a carry bag that can be used to easily transport it from location to location, however, a more heavy-duty hard case may be better for when traveling on planes.

Even though the design is strong and versatile, offering the ability to be used within a Z position for maximum stability or a C position to achieve the maximum height, it’s still lightweight and can be folded into a compact design.


  • Versatile positioning - Allows you to adjust height and angle to suit your working preference
  • Backing pole on design - Keeps the laptop in place even when the laptop is leaning back
  • Compatible with small and large laptops - Will last you for the rest of your DJ career


  • Can be difficult to use in beginning - Takes a while to get used to secure in place

Buyers Guide


You’ll need to take a look into what laptop you have when trying to decide what DJ laptop stand is best for you, as some stands may be better suited to larger models whereas others may only be designed to fit smaller laptops.

If your laptop is thick then you’ll need to ensure that the stand has a thicker holding component near the mousepad that will keep the laptop in place, otherwise, if this area of the design is too thin then the laptop won’t be stable on the stand or will possibly fall off. 

best dj laptop stand


Not everyone is the same height and has the same posture, which is why it’s key you find a laptop stand that offers good adjustability so you can change it to be comfortable for you when you're DJing.

Picking a laptop stand that only comes with one default position setting will only leave you straining or hurting your back if it’s not the right height or position for your body.

You’ll want to feel relaxed and natural in your body positioning otherwise you’ll find yourself with very sore shoulders and a bad back at the end of every gig. 

Locking Mechanism

Another factor to think about when looking to buy a DJ laptop stand is the type of locking mechanism that comes on it to secure your laptop into place.

If the stand is adjustable then it’ll need to be secured into place to hold that position and also store your laptop at the same time, however, if the locking mechanism is not reliable then your laptop stand could collapse and possibly drop your laptop.


Ensure the DJ laptop stand you pick is made out of good high-quality materials as it’ll need to be durable and strong enough to withstand the constant wear and tear of being transported around to locations.

Not only this but the materials will need to be strong enough to support your expensive laptop, otherwise, it can drop your laptop and damage it and possibly other equipment you have which can be very costly to repair and damage to your work.


If you’re a DJ who travels quite a lot regardless of whether it’s my place, car, or train, then you’ll need to seek out a laptop stand that is lightweight and portable and won’t be too much of a hassle to carry around from job to job.

You’ll want to also find one that can be quickly assembled and taken apart again as setting up and closing down after a DJ set is a tedious job, especially after a long night of working when you just want to get home as quickly as possible. 

Look into laptops that are foldable and become more compact so you can easily fit them in your luggage, DJ bags, or rucksack without taking up too much space and allowing you to still fit in all your other DJ gear. 


You may also want to consider what style of laptop stand you want to go for, whether it be all black to make all your DJ equipment blend together when you’re performing, or if you’d like to go for something that stands out a bit more or looks more expensive. This is a minor factor to consider and shouldn’t be the deciding one when picking out a new DJ laptop stand for yourself.

Free-standing Or Desk-based

There will be a few types of DJ laptop stands you’ll come across in your hunt for the perfect one, two of which are a free-standing design or desk-based design.

Depending on how much equipment and gear you work with when you’re DJing may impact your decision into which one you choose. 

Some laptops may prefer to have their laptop on a free-standing stand away from their decks and controllers whereas others may prefer to have it on a table on a stand right next to everything they need. 

A free-standing laptop stand may be more difficult to transport around and may also take longer to set up, assemble and take apart each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need A DJ Laptop Stand?

DJ laptop stands will raise your computer to a more ergonomic and accessible position which will make it easier for a DJ to move around their other devices.

As DJ laptop stands come with space underneath it may become easier to multitask by being on the computer and using other pieces under it at the same time.

How Much Should You Spend On A DJ Laptop Stand?

DJ equipment can be very expensive and you won’t want to spend a chunk of your budget on a laptop stand, however, you must choose one that is strong and durable enough to last you throughout your DJing gigs.

If you DJ full time for your job, then you may want to invest more money into a DJ laptop stand than someone who does it as a hobby as you’ll be using it a lot and it’ll probably have to endure a lot of wear and tear from traveling around to jobs. 

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