Best DJ Turntables

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Do you consider yourself to be an aspiring DJ? Does the idea of becoming a DJ excite you? If so, a DJ turntable will be a nifty piece of equipment that can help you pursue this hobby.

However, finding a good-quality turntable can be problematic. These products often have different features and come at vastly different prices. It can be troublesome to get your hands on a DJ turntable that is both high-quality and affordable.

This can make shopping for one feel like a nightmare. 

To make this task easier, this list has compiled a list of five of the best DJ turntables that are currently on the market. We have also included a controller on this list since the relationship between turntables and controllers is close.

If you do not know the differences between these two related products, check out the Buyer’s Guide below. This should make the shopping process much easier for you.

Best Dj Turntables


Technics SL-1210MK2 Professional Turntable

Perhaps an obvious choice, this is nonetheless an excellent choice for customers looking for a DJ turntable.

Technics is one of the main leading brands when it comes to turntables. Used by lots of DJs across the globe, this is a must-have for those interested in becoming DJs.

Because of this, it is used both by professional DJs and amateur players. Among its many desirable features include its vibration resistance and its quartz movement. 


  • Precision quartz movement - an accurate pitch is crucial for making good music. Thankfully, this turntable gives you amazing pitch control via its precise quartz movement. 
  • Vibration-resistant - due to its strong construction, this turntable is able to resist vibrations. This makes it ideal for use in busy settings, such as bars or nightclubs. 
  • Durable - designed to be strong, this turntable will not be damaged easily. Instead, it will prove to be long-lasting. 
  • Can be used outside of the United States - this turntable has been improved to allow the user to alternate between 110 and 220 volts. Because of this, you can now use it in some European countries too. 


  • Price - this product is significantly more expensive than other products on the market. This item, therefore, will be better suited for those with a higher budget.

    Though this more expensive cost will give you additional features, other products will be optimal for those with a limited budget. 


Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Professional Turntable

With amazing levels of control, this turntable is great for beginners and experienced DJ's alike.

This is a product for the current generation, based on a classic layout with modern improvements. It has multiple useful features, including the ability to change the tempo and pitch.

Moreover, it comes with a high-torque device that makes the rotation much easier. 


  • High-torque direct drive - thanks to this feature, you will get extraordinary control and steady rotation. The torque reaches 33⅓ rpm in as little as 0.3 seconds. This makes it an amazing feature of this product. 
  • Multi-tempo - if you want to speed up or slow down your track, this turntable will allow you to alter the speed thanks to its multi-tempo control. You can change the speeds to either minus or plus 8% or 16%. 
  • Zinc chassis - this durable turntable is built to prevent vibrations. Its lower part has been reinforced. 
  • Rubber-insulated tonearm - this arm will stop howling. Meanwhile, the springs have been designed to soak up external vibrations.  


  • Uninspired design - though some people will not be overly bothered by the appearance of their turntable, other people will want their turntables to look a certain way.

    Though this Pioneer turntable is far from ugly, it does not have the most unique of designs. Because of this, it will not be that appealing to those who want a bolder look. 


Numark PT01 Scratch | DJ Turntable for Portablists With User Replaceable Scratch Switch, Built In Speaker, Power via Battery or AC Adapter, Three Speed RPM Selection & USB Connectivity

Next, this Numark turntable is great for people who like to play on the go. With a built-in case and a compact design, this turntable is fully portable.

Like other products, it also features a USB interface. Aside from that, the other notable feature of this turntable is its unique aesthetic. 


  • Affordable - if you are looking for a high-quality DJ turntable for a low price, this will be an amazing option. Despite its affordable price, the Numark turntable still has lots of great features. 
  • Made to be portable - thanks to this turntable, you can make music on the go. It can either be plugged into an outlet or can be powered by batteries. It has been designed to be as compact as possible, allowing you to fit it into your backpack. 
  • Replaceable switch - the Numark turntable can be used by both right and left-handed DJs. 
  • Hard case included - this rugged case will permanently protect your turntable. This will also be great if you are traveling, making the turntable even more portable. 
  • Cool design - with his red detailings, this turntable looks really awesome. 


  • Not the most durable of designs - this turntable is made of plastic. Though its built-in case provides some durability and extra protection, it is nonetheless not as sturdy as turntables constructed from steel.


RANE DJ Twelve MKII | 12-Inch Motorized Vinyl Like MIDI Turntable with USB MIDI & DVS Control for Traktor, Virtual DJ & Serato DJ (TWELVEMKII)

This RANE device is the ideal mix of a turntable and a controller. With its standard turntable layout, this device will be great for both those with lots of experience and those who are less familiar with complex turntables.

This unit gives you multi-platform control, making it a versatile product to own. 


  • 4 deck controller - this top-quality deck will provide you with the perfect space to create your remixes.
  • Solid steel - constructed to be tank-like, this solid steel turntable is extremely strong. 
  • 3,600 ticks of resolution - this turntable will provide high-quality digital playback. 
  • No tonearm or skipping needle - without the hassle of needles that can be easily damaged, this product instead provides faultless performances without error. 


  • Price - as discussed later in the Buyer’s Guide, turntables can become extortionate. This turntable is fairly expensive. It is at the higher end of the range of costs and is more expensive than the other turntables on this list.

    If you are looking for a high-quality turntable and are willing to spend some extra cash on it, you cannot go wrong with this device. On the other hand, if you have a smaller budget, perhaps look elsewhere. 


Gemini Sound TT-4000 Professional Direct-Drive DJ Turntable, High Torque, 3 Speeds Vinyl Record Player, Switchable Phono Preamp, Variable Pitch Control, Die-Cast Aluminum Platter, USB Audio Interface

Finally, Gemini’s DJ turntable is the ideal product for many DJs. With its USB function, it is perfect for those who like to digitally edit their music. It also has more standard features, such as grips and settings that permit the user to change the speed. 


  • USB jack - this function essentially gives you the power to digitize your music. You will be able to more easily edit your vinyl collection by using the software of your choice. 
  • Rubber grips - these rubber grips allow you to play and scratch without causing any unwanted vibrations. Located on the bottom of the turntable, these grips will make your experience more stable. 
  • Start/ stop buttons - placed in a functional position on top of the turntable, this start/ stop button gives you increased control. The controls of this device are LED lit, making it easier to see in dark settings, such as house parties. 
  • 3 speeds - want to be able to alter the speed of your music? If so, this turntable gives you the ability to change it with 3-speed settings. 


  • Lacks a cover - this feature may make this device vulnerable to dust and dirt. Sadly, this lack of a cover will also cause it to be less durable and long-lasting. If you believe this to be an important feature, you might be put off by its lack of a dust cover. 

Buyer’s Guide

Thanks to this list, you will have a good understanding of some of the best products available to you. This guide will also have given you a rough understanding of some of the leading brands when it comes to DJ turntables. 

best dj turntables

On the other hand, there remain many key qualities that you will have to consider as you begin your shopping. Not every DJ turntable is the same and you will, therefore, have to think about many factors before you commit to a turntable.

These important factors include the price and the size of the turntable. To aid you in your decision, we have listed some of the most crucial considerations below. Please read this before you buy.


DJ turntables can be quite a costly investment. At the very least, turntables are likely to cost $200. They can, however, range to $400 for fairly standard units. Even more advanced DJ turntables that come with lots of extra features can even cost over $800.

This can be quite an expensive investment, particularly if you are only willing to spend a certain amount on the turntable. 

If so, it is better to look at the lower end of this price range. You can still find some very good items that are under $300.

If you are looking for a more complex product with multiple additional features, then you may have to spend a larger amount of money on it.

When shopping, you will have to bear this in mind to avoid being disappointed by the cost of a state-of-the-art DJ turntable. 

If you are also paying for DJ training, it can end up costing you a lot of money to pursue this hobby. As a result, you should have this in mind as you are purchasing a turntable to avoid spending an amount that you are uncomfortable with.  


When it comes to size, turntables tend to take up a lot of space. They are often quite large and bulky devices. As a result, if you only have a small amount of space in your house, such an item may not be advisable for you.

If this is the case, it will be better to find a turntable that is relatively small. Additionally, these products can be quite heavy.

Though some are more portable than others, they will nonetheless be fairly difficult to move around for some. This is a factor that you will need to consider if you are planning to move your turntable from location to location.

For many DJs, it is crucial that they have the ability to play in different venues, such as clubs, house parties, and festivals. 

Additional Features

As evidenced by the examples on this list, turntables have different features. These features can really enhance your music. If you have a specific feature in mind that you want to have, then it is best to search only for products with that feature.

Many will want to be able to digitally edit their music, meaning there will need to be a digital component to your turntable. If you desire a turntable with many features, it will probably be more expensive than a more simplistic device.

However, if you are a professional DJ, these features may be necessary to your profession. 

DJ Turntable Vs DJ Controller

These are two slightly different products. Controllers are better suited to those with less experience. Controllers enable the user to adjust tracks.

Unlike turntables, controllers do not have space for vinyl. Meanwhile, turntables can be used to mix vinyl. When you begin shopping, it is worth contemplating whether you want a DJ turntable or a DJ controller. 


Though most turntables will be of good quality, there will be discrepancies between different models. If you are worried about the quality of a product, it is a good idea to read through customer reviews of the turntable.

This will help you to understand other people’s experiences with a product. 

Sadly, a high price does not always guarantee that a product will be of excellent quality. You can find many products that are of solid quality that will be sold at lower prices. 

One of the most important tests of a turntable will be its sound quality. This will vastly impact your performance. If lots of reviews claim that the sound quality of a product is bad, it is best to avoid this turntable and instead find one that has better audio. 

Ease Of Use 

While some DJ turntables have been built with novices in mind, many are targeted at more experienced and skilled players. As a consequence, an important factor to be mindful of is the ease with which a turntable can be used.

If it is too complex, it will not be suitable for users with less training. Turntables will come with varying amounts of instructions, meaning you may have to rely on prior knowledge for some products. 

Likewise, if you are a very experienced player, you will not want a turntable that has been made for less-skilled players. These modes will be unable to challenge those with lots of experience. You will probably also be frustrated with its lack of complex features. 


As previously mentioned, turntables are regularly heavy pieces of equipment. There will be differences in the extent to which they are durable.

If you want a long-lasting turntable, you should invest in one that is made from a sturdy material, such as steel. It is also a good idea to find one that has a dust cover. As the name suggests, this will stop your turntable from being damaged by residual dust and dirt.

Also ensure that the needle is of good-quality material, as needles can be fragile and will easily break. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Turntable For Beginners?

For beginner DJs, the prospect of getting an advanced system will likely be appealing. However, for novice players, it might be a better choice to get a more simplistic unit. Doing so will help you build and develop basic DJ skills. 

It is also worth investing in a controller before getting a turntable. These are often easier to use while teaching you the essentials of the turntable. In addition, controllers are frequently cheaper than turntables, making them less of a financial commitment.

Are Turntables Still Used By DJs?

Thanks to advancements in technology, DJ turntables are less popular than they once were. Despite this, many DJs still use turntables today. In fact, with the reinvigorated interest in vinyl recently, turntables have witnessed an increase in use.

There are multiple advantages to using DJ turntables. For example, there is a certain style that accompanies the use of the turntable. Additionally, there is quite a vintage feeling to the turntable that more technological models are unable to capture. 

How Can I Become A DJ?

There is no one simple method of becoming a successful DJ. However, following these steps can help guide you on the path to becoming a DJ.

One of the first steps you will have to overcome is deciding what type of DJ you want to be. For example, do you want to be a digital DJ? 

Once you have made this decision, you will next have to choose what kind of music you want to focus on. It is okay to have a broad range of genres if you are unable to stick to one.

However, it is worth bearing in mind what sort of music you want to play. Once this has been considered, you then need to begin expanding your music collection. If you have concluded that you will be a vinyl-playing DJ, this will mean getting lots of vinyl records. 

Then you will need to begin training. There are multiple options to do this. For instance, you can follow online classes or videos on how to DJ. Another method could be enrolling in a DJ course at your local school or college. 

The road to becoming a professional DJ can be long and hard. However, if you are passionate about this career, then it is something that you should fully invest yourself in.