DJ Gear

Best DJ Mixer

Best DJ Mixer

DJ Mixers are the core element of any DJ booth – you’re not going to get very far without one! Without a mixer, your setup may as well be a home music system as it is mixers that let DJs mix and manipulate the tracks in their list. As they are so integral to your set …

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Best In Ear Monitors

Best In Ear Monitors

In-ear monitors are one of the biggest modern technological developments within live music performance.When performing on-stage the sound is outputted to the audience, away from the performers, which means without monitors the performer can often struggle to hear their own performance. A monitor is a speaker that faces away from the audience towards the performer and …

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Best DJ Turntables

best dj turntables

Do you consider yourself to be an aspiring disc jockey? Does the idea of becoming a DJ excite you? If so, a DJ turntable will be a nifty piece of equipment that can help you pursue this hobby.However, finding a good-quality turntable can be problematic. These products often have different features and come at vastly …

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Best DJ Gifts

best dj gifts

Most people consider shopping for gifts to be one of the most challenging activities because it can be quite hard to know exactly what to pick as a gift for your loved ones and friends. And trust me…I completely relate to this!Usually, you try to cling on to the main interest of theirs, or something …

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