Is Rekordbox Better Than Serato? (In-Depth Look)

You know what? There are some really great DJing platforms out there.

But when they are all so reliable and are packed with cool features, it’s hard to pick which one to go with. That’s why I like to put together articles like this one that directly compares different platforms, so you can decide which one best suits your particular needs.

In this article, I directly compare Rekordbox with Serato, and a little later on I’ll also be comparing Rekordbox with Traktor. I’ll be comparing the different features and what they’re like to use.

Let’s get started.

Is Rekordbox Better Than Serato

Is Rekordbox Better Than Serato?


Both platforms are great for organizing your music collection. And they display tracks with waveforms, let you save cue points, and let you tweak FX elements. They’re also stable, and they get regular software updates from the developers.

Features Of Each

Both platforms have nice built-in features. Both have FX tools and edit and remixing tools. But you can unlock many more features by investing in the expansion packs offered by both platforms…

Serato Flip lets you remake your tracks quickly, Serato FX gives you FX customization and helps you to switch pitches. While with Rekordbox, you also get a pitch and time function to help with transitioning between tracks.

Rekordbox isn’t compatible with as many controllers as Serato is. Rekordbox is best for CDJ playlists.

Hardware Options

Serato integrates with a whopping 53 controllers, 16 mixers, and four different interfaces. 

But Rekordbox isn’t anywhere near as flexible. It’s great for mixing on Pioneer CDJs but that’s about it.

User Interface

Rekordbox looks super professional, really sleek, and minimalist in appearance.

Serato’s interface on the other hand is packed with information, with lots of features to explore. And it’s a lot darker too. I have to say that it takes a lot more getting used to than what Rekordbox does.


We’re pleased to report that both platforms are sufficiently stable. And while Rekordbox is built on the Pioneer framework which was never known for great stability, this has really improved and can be considered reliable.

Although Serato is a little better than Rekordbox on that front.


While Rekordbox software is free to use, if you want to invest in Rekordbox DJ you can expect to pay between $100 and $150. Rekordbox expansion packs can vary in price, however.

You can expect to pick up cheaper ones for about $10, while others cost more than Rekordbox DJ itself.

Serato DJ comes free with certain expensive controllers. Or alternatively, you can buy Serato Intro and the upgrade for roughly the same sort of price as Rekordbox DJ. Serato expansions can vary in price, but within a narrower price range than Rekordbox.


Both of these platforms have a lot to offer. But I would argue that the best platform for you depends very much on what hardware you’re using. I would recommend Serato for using a Digital Vinyl System, but recommend Rekordbox for CDJ mixing.

If you still find yourself torn between the two, however, then perhaps you should consider what type of interface you like the best. Streamlined like Rekordbox, or detail-packed like Serato.

Is Rekordbox Better Than Traktor?

Now, we’re going to compare Rekordbox and Traktor.


Now, this is the biggie. Sure, Rekordbox works great with the Pioneer brand of controllers, but when you try to use it with other controllers, the platform becomes less stable and harder to work with.

Traktor on the other hand works seamlessly with all kinds of controllers, common and obscure ones alike. And that’s great if you like to switch gear a lot.


The full version of Traktor is noticeably more affordable than the full version of Rekordbox, and better yet there’s no upselling to worry about or any hidden charges.

But on the other hand, you can pay monthly for Rekordbox, which is great if you just want to give it a try. And some Pioneer controllers actually come with a full Rekordbox license. 

Library Management

Rekordbox is way better than Traktor when it comes to library management.

Sure Traktor offers key detection which makes mixing easier, but Rekordbox has even better features.

For example, Rekordbox can make smart playlists. You simply set the criteria that you want your songs to meet, and the software will pull together a list of all the songs that meet that criteria.


To be perfectly honest there’s not a whole lot of difference between the stability of the two platforms…

Sure, if you only use Rekordbox with Pioneer brand controllers you get excellent reliability, there’s no question about that.

But when used with other controllers, the reliability of Rekordbox matches that of Traktor.

But of course, the main thing to affect reliability is your computer and how powered and dependable it is.

Easy To Use

I have to admit here that Rekordbox is by far the easiest of the two to use. And this in part is down to its very streamlined interface. It’s the perfect option for those who are completely new to DJ-ing.

Choosing songs and inputting them is easy, and BPM syncing and doing special effects is a breeze.

Traktor meanwhile can take a lot more time to get to grips with. Custom mapping on Traktor is tedious at best, the layout isn’t particularly customizable, and it can take new users an age to find out where everything is.

In fact, most DJs using Traktor often have to turn to Traktor’s forums to ask questions about using the software.


Rekordbox is by far the easiest one to use between Rekordbox and Traktor, and it offers much better library management, with its smart lists. So if you know you’re only going to use Pioneer controllers, I encourage you to get Rekordbox.

If on the other hand, you want to work with more diverse controllers or have a more restricted budget, the better choice for you would be Traktor.

Rekordbox Vs Serato Vs Traktor

I would argue that if you’re definitely going to go with Pioneer controllers, Rekordbox is possibly the best option. But if you want to work with other controllers I’d choose between Serato and Traktor.

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