About Us

Being a DJ is so rewarding. There really is nothing better than watching a room full of people dancing and vibing to the music you are playing and have mixed. Music is powerful, and being able to DJ takes a lot of time to perfect, but it is such a fantastic skill to have. 

Hi, my name is Andrew Davis, and I have a passion for music and DJing. My background is in music production, and I love listening to the process of a track being created, to its final production. There is something fantastic about the process, and it was what sparked my interest in DJing. Over the last few years, I have enjoyed mixing tracks and sharing my interest in DJing online. This is why I decided to set up my blog, Spinbad. I wanted an outlet to share both my creativity and passion with more people. 

Spinbad is my own creative corner of the internet, where I hope to help others learn everything there is to know about DJing. When I was getting started, I struggled to know which equipment would be the best option for me, and I would have benefited from a blog like mine that talks through some fantastic DJ equipment.

I want my blog to be informative, and a place you can visit to gain the knowledge you need to up your DJing game. I discuss the tips and tricks I have picked up along the way, including how to use the equipment I feature and review.

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