Are Turntable Cartridges Universal? (Let’s Find Out)

Turntable Cartridges

Turntable cartridges are not universal. They are not ‘one-fits-all’ because two types of cartridges install and function differently on a record player. The two types include Half-Inch and P-Mount. You can determine the type of cartridge you need for your turntable from the headshell. Do You Need To Know If Turntable Cartridges Are Universal?  Absolutely!

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Why Are Turntables So Expensive? (Let’s Find Out)

Why Are Turntables So Expensive

The reason why turntables are so expensive is that manufacturers make them using parts that cannot be easily mass-produced. Also, because these parts need to be able to interact with each other properly, the manufacturing of the turntables themselves is not cheap either. Turntable Prices Because turntables are such intricate pieces of equipment made with

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Best DJ Turntables

best dj turntables

Do you consider yourself to be an aspiring DJ? Does the idea of becoming a DJ excite you? If so, a DJ turntable will be a nifty piece of equipment that can help you pursue this hobby.However, finding a good-quality turntable can be problematic. These products often have different features and come at vastly different

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