Why Do DJs Play Music So Loud? (Should They Turn It Down?)


The reason that most DJs play music so loudly is that it helps to get the party started! No one wants to dance to music they can barely hear. When it comes to getting the dance floor going, a loud mix is one of the modern DJ’s most effective tools!

DJs And Their Choice Of Volume

It can be startling sometimes just how aggressively loud music is in a club or party setting.

After DJing for some time, I understand why most DJs blare the music they are playing.

In this article, I will show why DJs play music so loudly!

Why Do DJs Play Music So Loud?

DJs play music so loudly because it helps people feel the music rather than hear it. This enables them to connect with it so that they can cut loose and dance! Nobody wants to dance to music that is too quiet.

DJ Playing In A Large Club

Although it might be too much for some people, DJs play music so loudly to get the party jumpin’!

Should They Turn It Down?

My response to this one is simple…turn down for what?

Sure, music in a club/party setting can be super loud, but it is not the DJ’s job to protect everyone’s hearing. The DJ’s job is to get people to party and dance, which is what they are trying to do by playing music so loudly. 

It is up to the club/partygoer to worry about their hearing. It is not the DJ’s job to watch their volume levels! 

How Loud Do DJs Play Music?

This answer differs depending on the DJ, the club/party they are DJing, and the sound system they use, but DJs typically play loud music!

DJs like to drive the sound system and pump up the volume on the tunes they are spinning.

It’s hard to give a concrete answer to a question like this, but DJs usually play music loud enough to damage your hearing. Keep this in mind when attending a party or going to a club. 

How Loud Should Music Be For Parties?

Music at parties should be pretty loud!

People want to dance to the music if it’s bumpin’, so DJs must play music at high volumes for parties or clubs.

But also, nobody wants the cops to get called, so tread lightly!


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Why Does Loud Music Feel Good?

Loud music feels good because a part of your inner ear called the sacculus releases endorphins when stimulated by loud music.

Crowd At A Concert

In particular, low frequencies (bass) cause a massive reaction in the sacculus. This is why club music always has a substantial low-end presence in the mix! 

As you can see, there is a scientific reason why people like loud music.

How Are DJs Not Deaf?

The main reason that DJs are not deaf is that they are typically DJing from behind the sound system’s speakers instead of in front of them on the dance floor. 

For this reason, they save their ears quite a bit of trauma because it is much louder when you are in front of the speakers!

However, more than standing behind the speakers is needed to protect one’s hearing entirely. Although DJs are not all deaf, many have hearing issues and permanent hearing loss. 

Do DJs Wear Earplugs?

This will vary from DJ to DJ, but quite a few do! 

For example, I wear earplugs at least half the time I’m DJing. I must take them out from time to time if I’m taking requests or need to hear the music more clearly, but I rely on earplugs to protect my hearing.

While some people like to DJ without earplugs, I recommend bringing a pair with you so you can wear them at certain times. This will help protect your hearing and continue DJing over the years! 


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Related Questions

Why Is Music So Much Better Loud?

The music is much better when loud because it allows the listener to feel the bass and the rhythm rather than hear it.

This causes a deeper connection to the music for the listener and allows them to get into it!

Should You Wear Ear Plugs In A Club?

Yes, you should wear earplugs in a club.

This is because music in a club is usually deafening, loud enough to damage your hearing. If you go to clubs/parties often, you should consider wearing earplugs unless you want to lose your hearing!

Do DJs Usually Boost The Low-End (Bass) When DJing?

It is standard for DJs to turn up the low-end/bass while DJing.

The reason for this is that bass is essential when it comes to Dance music. It helps people to feel the music deep in their souls and get into it.

Bass is a super important part of a club or Dance music mix!

Does Your Typical Wedding DJ Also Play Music Loudly?

Yes, the type of DJ does not make a massive difference in the loudness of the music they are playing.

For example, I am a wedding DJ and typically play my mixes as loud as the venue allows! 

DJs will almost always play music loudly, no matter the gig.

What Type Of Music Does a DJ Play?

This depends on the type of event that the DJ is on.

For example, as a wedding DJ, I play all kinds of music depending on the couple’s preferences or requests. Sometimes even country, rock, punk, polka, etc.

Here is a list of genres that are most common for a club or party DJ to play:
– Drum and bass
– House
– Hip-hop
– Trance
– Pop remixes

Final Words

As I have shown here, the reason that DJs play music so loudly is that it helps people to feel the beat and get into the groove on the dance floor. 

If a DJ plays music too quietly, everyone will feel awkward and not want to dance. However, if the music is bumpin’, this will help people connect to it and get into it.

For this reason, consider bringing earplugs if you are a consistent clubber/partygoer, but this is up to you. 


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