Which DJs Use Denon?

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For a long time Pioneer dominated the DJ market and they had a strong hold on the DJ equipment market. That is, until the past few years, some of the biggest DJ’s have been jumping ship in favour of Denon.

This US based company is offering equipment at a competitive price. Yet they are beginning to gain some real recognition that they have been waiting a long time for. This article will go into further detail who are Denon and which DJs now use Denon.

Which DJs Use Denon

Who Is Denon?

Denon have been around since 1992 and have established themselves as one of the leading and most reliable manufacturers of DJ equipment. Their equipment is used by professional DJs all around the world.

They have created players, mixers, turntables and controllers. For a budding DJ, Denon has created everything you need to perform the best sets possible. 

Denon’s slogan is ‘Change Your Rider’. Denon is trying everything they can to make better and cheaper equipment which is available to more DJs. It is seen as the equipment that will help you hone your skills and help you grow as a DJ.

They are considered a reliable brand that delivers you amazing quality equipment to work with 

Is Denon Better Than Pioneer?

It may be hard to know if Denon is any good, well the only way to know is to compare it to its biggest competitor. For a long time Pioneer was the number one brand for DJs, no matter where you looked you’d find Pioneer hardware.

Pioneer’s products are professional and made to a really high quality. However they were at the top for so long, and no one was really competing with them.

Therefore they didn’t have to bring anything new out. In every club, festival and DJ booth you would have found a Pioneer set up. While Pioneer was at the top, other brands were slowly yet steadily making a new name for themselves, like Denon.

DJs were really familiar with Pioneer. It got to a point where clubs and organizations didn’t want to risk putting another brand in the booth. If anyone wanted to use another brand they needed to bring it with them.

However other DJ brands do exist and work well. Denon developed features where you could switch between two decks with a double audio-output and the inclusion of an built in battery.

This battery protects your player and keeps you set going even if there is a power cut. However when it comes to DJ equipment it is all about personal preference and what kind of DJ you are.


Denon is cheaper than Pioneer, at around half the price. However when choosing between both brands it depends on your preferred music source.

If you are using a USB stick or SD card or Serato DJ, then the Denon is the better choice, due to the lower price and extra features it comes with.

However if you plan to use CDs, Recordbo, Traktor or Virtual DJ, then the Pioneer may be a better choice. However, it all depends on personal preference. 


The look and design of both the Pioneer and the Denon are quite similar. However it all comes down to personal preference again. A lot of DJs actually prefer the look of the Denon over the Pioneer, but really there isn’t a huge difference between both sets. 


When it comes to compatibility, Pioneer is better than Denon. Pioneer has CD drives for CDs and supports Recordbox, Virtual DJ, Traktor HID and Serato DJ. You may say that CD drives are pointless because no one really uses CDs anymore.

However there are still some CD DJs who need those drives to be able to perform. Also in recent years, we have seen the comeback of vinyl. So who is to say that we won’t see the comeback of CDs at some point?

It is interesting that Denon only supports Serato DJ, that sort of limits them. However, hopefully in the future, Denon will support Traktor and Virtual DJ, which will make them an even more compatible brand to use.

Who Uses Denon?

As Denon has made a bigger name for itself, more DJs have been turning away from Pioneer and toward Denon. They must be doing something right, as huge DJs like Laidback Luke, Oliver Heldens, MaRLo and Maceo Plex, all request Denon equipment when performing.

Alongside this Paul Oakenfold used only Denon equipment throughout his ‘Generations Tour’ in 2017. Slowly more DJs are requesting and using Denon equipment instead of other brands including Pioneer. 

It’s a big deal and a huge sign for Denon that they are doing something right, if well known and influential DJs are turning away from what they know and used for so many years and going to them.

This could be a sign of what’s to come, as more DJs start turning to Denon and new DJs start off using Denon from the very beginning. However if others start following in Denon’s footsteps, they could have some good competition.

Yet at the moment there isn’t anyone they really need to worry about.


There is nothing wrong with Pioneer but it was at the top for so long that it didn’t think it needed to change. Yet there are little things that could be improved on.

However Denon has come storming in and giving DJs what they were looking for. Denon is willing to adapt to the times with WiFi and incorporating streaming services at a much faster rate than its competitors.

It is no real surprise it is becoming the number one DJ brand. Alongside that, it now makes sense why DJs like Laidback Luke are requesting their equipment. 

Denon is much cheaper than some other brands so it means newly starting out DJs can afford some quality equipment to hone their skills. It may be on the cheaper side of the market but it still provides amazing quality. 

In the next few years as more DJs turn to Denon, they may become the new number one brand that DJs trust for their equipment.