How To Clean Leather Headphones? (Simple Guide)

Making a warm water solution with liquid soap and then wiping the surface with a soft cloth is the most straightforward approach to cleaning leather headphones. Depending on your use, you should consider cleaning them at least once a week to maintain their sound quality and increase product lifespan.

Cleaning Leather Headphones

Many of us enjoy using headphones regularly. Whether you are a fitness freak and love to listen to music during workouts, spend time on the train listening to music, or use your cans for DJing, using headphones has become an integral part of our lives.

However, headphones are probably the last bit of gear we can think of when it comes to cleaning. 

Cleaning your ears and sanitizing your headphones is not only excellent for your health, but it may also improve the sound quality.

So, keep reading if you are here to learn how to clean leather headphones!

How To Clean Leather Headphones

Things To Know Before Cleaning Headphones

First, clean your earpads, as they will take the longest to dry.

Earpads are available in a variety of materials, including:

  • Genuine leather
  • Faux leather
  • Velour
  • Fabric

While velour and fabric earpads can be cleaned the same way, imitation and genuine leather earpads require slightly different care.

Genuine leather items, in particular, require more patience and care to keep them soft.

It’s worth noting that preventing significant amounts of dirt from accumulating in the first place is preferable. Brush your earpads with a cloth or your shirt after each use to achieve this.

How To Clean Leather Headphones?

Here are some essential tips for cleaning headphones to improve their lifespan.

Clean After Every Use

Wipe your headphones down with a dry cloth when you finish using them. It’s best to utilize a soft cloth or a microfiber towel. 

After using them, wipe them down with a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel to eliminate sweat or dirt accumulation before it sinks into the ear cushions.

Cleanings Once a Week

You do not have to do this every week if you do not use headphones frequently.

What I do is I clean my ear headphones once every 7 to 10 uses. This tends to keep them looking and feeling fresh.

How Do You Clean Headphones? 

All there is to do is soak a cloth in warm soapy water. Don’t soak it entirely; just make sure it is damp. 

Wipe down your headphone pads after that. Try not to scrub or press too hard; simply wipe them over a couple of times. Allow them to dry before using or storing completely.

Use Conditioner On Your Headphones

If you have headphones with premium leather coating pads, it is recommended to condition them occasionally. 

You will need to get a leather conditioner specifically designed for this purpose. But don’t worry! You will only have to do this a couple of times per year, so your conditioner will last for ages! 

All you have to do is wipe your headphone pads with a soft towel dipped in a leather conditioner. I recommend using only a few drops of conditioner and then gradually massaging it into the leather to properly clean it.

Before using or storing them, let them dry thoroughly. 

Use this method twice a year. If you do it more often, you run the danger of collecting moisture and causing mildew to grow on the ear cushions.

Consider Replacing Headphone Pad Regularly

Ensure you replace your headphone pads at regular intervals irrespective of how well you clean or store them. 

You need to understand that there comes a time when your headphone pads are way past their optimal usage time. Replacing them is generally relatively easy to do and affordable. Your new headphone pads will give your headphones a brand new feel without the need for buying new cans.

Steps To Clean Leather Headphones

Cleaning your headphones regularly will ensure that you always have high-quality sound. It will also lessen the amount of wear and tear on the headphones.

If you are not cleaning headphones regularly, the layers of wax, filth, and dust will accumulate on the headphones. As a result, the sound quality will significantly degrade.

Here are steps to clean leather headphones:

  • Gently remove the headphones’ earpads, as they can tear if handled roughly.
  • Wipe the earcups, headband, and metal grills of the headphones using alcohol wipe(s).
  • If the metal grills and earpads are greasy, you can clean them with cotton buds soaked in alcohol cleansers.
  • After, wipe them down with alcohol wipes (disinfectant wipes can be used to clean and disinfect the headphones).

If your earcups are velour, soak them in water and washing powder. This should not be done to clean leather ear pads. After they’ve soaked for a while, rinse them with water and set them aside to dry.

Why Should You Clean Headphones?

Taking excellent care of your headphones has numerous advantages, including:

Better Sound Quality

You want nothing but the best sound quality when buying headphones. If your headphones are clogged with ear wax (I know, gross!), this can affect their performance, along with producing a nasty odor. 

Regularly cleaning your headphones will guarantee higher sound quality whether you DJ, produce, or simply listen to your favorite music.

This is dependent on how well the headphones are cleaned, ensuring all the ear debris and dust is removed. 

Saving Money

Cleaning your headphones and making sure they’re in good condition will save you money on expensive replacements.

Good Ear Hygiene

From the time you put them on, your headphones will acquire sweat and filth. This can result in a significant amount of bacteria accumulation. 

Cleaning your headphones will enhance your hygiene and protect you from getting an ear infection.

How Regularly Should You Clean the Headphones?

It depends on how frequently you use your headphones. If your use is reasonable, I recommend taking time and cleaning them at least once a week. However, if your use involves any type of workout, you should clean them after each workout session. This will assist in removing any sweat, dust, or bacteria that may have become trapped in your headphones.

How Do You Get Rid of The Sweat Smell from Headphones?

You’ll likely be listening to music while working out or using them in a hot and sweaty club environment. Sweat from your body will get 
into your headphones, causing them to smell like sweat.

There are several methods for removing the scent from headphones. Knowing different ways will allow you to keep your headphones smelling fresh.

These include:
. Cleaning them after each session
. Silica Gel Packets
. Replacement Ear Pads

How to Protect Headphones from Getting Dirty?

Towel off your headphones, no matter what you use them for, and make sure they are thoroughly dry before using them. Cleaning your headphones regularly will help them sound better and last longer. You can also invest in a hard case to store your headphones to protect them from minor or major damages as well as dirt and dust.

How To Get Rid of Headphones Smell?

If you use your headphones regularly, I’m sure you must be aware of the unruly smell that comes due to various reasons. Now the question here is how to get rid of the unwanted smell!

The first step is to remove the pads and thoroughly wash them with warm water and soap before reinstalling them. If cleaning does not work, place the headphones in a box with a small glass of vinegar. Vinegar has the power to remove odors.

You can also use silica gel packets to avoid moisture in the headphones. It’s widely used in food and electronic packaging. The gel’s beads help manage humidity and absorb excess moisture very well. Before putting your headphones away, place these packets in the ear cups to help with the scent.

Can Headphones Cause Earwax Buildup?

No! Only the in-ear monitors, earbuds, and earphones can cause earwax buildup as they are worn differently than headphones.

For instance, Apple AirPods Pro has earbuds that push wax back into your ears when you put them in.

Can I Disinfect My Headphones?

Yes, you can disinfect your headphones, and it’s a good idea to do so regularly.

Use cleaning alcohol with a concentration level of 70 percent or higher or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. Perform a test before disinfecting your headphones thoroughly to avoid any material discoloration.

Final Words

Taking excellent care of your headphones will ensure that they last longer and maintain the same sound quality. 

Cleaning them properly is not difficult if you are up for the minimal effort.

So, with this bit of effort, you can extend the life of your headphones, ensuring they remain clean and safe to use.

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